Product badges (labels)

Product badges (labels)

Badge appears on the top left corner of a product item, based on some conditions.

Aries supports these badges:
  • Sold out: auto appear on a sold-out product (product inventory = 0)
  • Sale percentage (auto calculated %): appear on a product having compared price
  • Sale: appear on a product having "Sale" tag
  • Hot: appear on a product having "Hot" tag
  • New: appear on a product having "New" tag
  • Best deal: appear on a product having "Best deal" tag
  • Limited: appear on a product having "Limited" tag
Note: Each product can show only 1 badge. So we set the priority of badges like this: Sold out > best deal > limited > sale > hot > new > %

To change color of a badge, please go to Online store > Themes > Customize > Theme settings > Colors > Product Badges Color

To change text of a badge, please go to Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit language > Products tab.

But it only change text on store front, you still need to add the original tag name in product (Example: you change the "Best deal" badge to "Daily deal", but you still need to add "best deal" tag to a product to make this "Daily deal" badge appear).

Note: For the best responsive, please keep the text on badge short. 

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